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Golf Operational Management

The need to create financial sustainability in the development of golf course projects, no matter whether they involve one or more golf courses, or just more modest facilities for the training of the player, is paramount to the growing of the game throughout the world as well as to the individual investor who supports such projects.

It is essential that satisfactory and attractive returns are made from such investments – sadly this is not always the case, particularly in times of global economic challenge – and it is vital to have the best advice from experienced and proven specialists in each facet of the management of the golf business, whether it be in the developmental phase, operationally or in the way in which demand has driven for more players and their own personal improvement in playing the game itself. Golf Business International has a significant number of specialists who focus on the area of the management of the golf business whether it be in overseeing a project, of any scale, of development or redevelopment, in looking at how modern management systems can optimise the operation of golf facility through purchasing resources in the most economic way to minimise cost and maximise profit margins as well as to looking at how the playing side of the game at any facility can be organised so that the numbers coming to the game can be grown. If you need further help please contact one of our members

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