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Carolyne Wahlen

Golf HR

Every golf club has them: the high-maintenance employees who take up 95% of your time.

You probably wish you could deal with them however you like, but unfortunately, there is a little thing called “employment law” which governs us all.

Abiding by employment law isn’t a ‘hit and hope’ thing though. Unless you dot all the Is and cross all the Ts, you could end up in seriously hot water, with tribunals and fines on the horizon for the clubs who don’t do things properly.

And it’s not just the legal threat. It’s your time too. Time spent poring over documents and researching employment law online is – frankly – not the best use of your time.

You should be spending your time looking after your members, and finding new ones, not trying to be an expert in something you’ve got no knowledge of.

So what’s the alternative? Golf HR – the UK’s only employment law experts working specifically with private member golf clubs.

With Golf HR, all your human resources and employment law problems are taken care of.

  • You’ll get email and telephone support to ensure that you’re acting in accordance with the law.
  • You’ll get your employment contracts written and updated.
  • You’ll get your very own employee handbook, updated in line with new legislation.

In short, you’ll get everything you need to stay legal and compliant, allowing you to get on with the more important stuff.

What’s the next step?

A tribunal audit. This simple audit will help you to understand how exposed your club is, as well as providing recommendations for how to manage your staff issues. A tribunal audit would usually be an investment of £167, but Golf Business International members qualify for a free audit – book now with the contact form on the right of the screen.

Carolyne Wahlen is a director and founder of Golf HR, an employment law specialist with 75 private member golf clubs on retainer, including 12 of England’s top 100 golf clubs.

Carolyne has 25 years’ experience in HR – with a decade in golf – and offers a unique insight into the specific difficulties faced by golf clubs when it comes to managing staff issues.

Carolyne is also a published author, speaker and trainer.

If ever I have a query I can get quick and accurate information about how to handle situations.

Alan Davey, Pyecombe Golf Club

Golf HR has saved me time and anguish with regards to what has to go in to “official” letters. They’re very professional and very helpful.

Robert Brewer, Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

We really have received an excellent service from the Golf HR team and they clearly know what they are doing. We pay what we consider to be a very reasonable cost and we can call them for advice as and when needed.

Karen Drake, Burnham and Berrow Golf Club

All round it’s been a very positive experience working with Golf HR. Without them, (managing staff issues) would’ve been a hell of a lot harder.

Richard Pennell, Woking Golf Club




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