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Our Objectives

The objectives of Golf Business International are:

  • To promote the golf-related consultancy skills and attributes of members.
  • To provide a point of reference for potential clients worldwide seeking golf consultancy services.
  • To generate consultancy opportunities for members.
  • To provide a forum within which members may share knowledge, experience and good practice.
  • To define and maintain an association code of practice in the field of golf consultancy.

The code of practice is outlined as an annex to the constitution, both of which should be read before an application is submitted.

Applicants are expected to have been operating an independent consultancy for a period of two years with a substantial part of their income derived solely from the provision of professional services to clients.

Membership Fee

The annual fee for 2018-19 has been set at £300 plus a one-off joining fee of £150.

Membership Benefits

Any member joining will receive:

  • Membership of a marketing and educational association focussed on providing networking opportunities to its membership
  • Opportunity to attend association events
  • Regular press releases covering subjects selected by the member but highlighting their association with Golf Business International.
  • Access to all leads generated by the association subject to the rules laid out in the constitution
  • Preferential rates at key events as negotiated
  • Opportunity to invite other Industry professionals to join the association, subject to the rules laid out within the constitution

Apply For Membership

Golf Business International welcomes applications for membership from appropriately qualified consultants in the golf industry. Please contact an existing member if you would like to discuss joining or use this contact form to inquire about membership of Golf Business International. Call +44 (0) 7958 534068 or email

Contact us To discuss your requirements: +44(0)7958 534068

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